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Frequently Asked Questions

Yulu is super simple to use, but just in case you still have some questions :)


Yulu is the India’s Dockless & truly Smart Public Bike (bicycle) Sharing Service that is solving the first and last mile connectivity, and short distance commute problem in cities. Yulu uses a unique bike that is specially designed for Indian roads with a smart lock system integrated with a smartphone app. This special design gives you as a rider, greater access and convenience to a bike when you need it the most. In bringing Yulu to you, it is our greatest hope that by providing safe, affordable, and green mode of transportation we can help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution thereby creating a healthier environment for our future generations.

2.1 What is One-Time Password (OTP)? One-Time Password (OTP) is a unique number that is generated by Yulu and sent to you the user, via SMS. This is required to verify the validity of the mobile number used during registration. OTP is valid for only a certain duration and after that the user may have to request a new OTP to verify the Yulu account.

2.2 I didn’t receive the One-Time Password (OTP) for registration? Please make sure that your phone is enabled to receive OTP via SMS (Native Phone Message). If you did not receive the OTP via SMS, click “Resend OTP” on the Yulu app’s OTP verification page.

2.3 Why do I need to provide my email to Yulu? In case if you have any issues with Yulu service and you contact Yulu Support, then Yulu will use your email to update you on the status of your issue.

3.1 I'm unable to unlock the bike. If you are unable to unlock the bike by scanning the QR code, try entering the Bike Number below the QR code section. If the lock still does not open, then please close the APP and try to scan the QR code again. If you repeatedly cannot unlock the bike, please follow the advice below:

• If it is dark and your phone cannot scan the QR code, please use the Torch icon to turn on the phone light. This will help the camera to read the QR code properly.

• If the app prompts you with “Enable Bluetooth”. Please allow Yulu app to use your Bluetooth to open the lock.

• After successful scanning of the QR code, if you hear a buzz sound from the lock and the lock did not open, then please wiggle the lock and the back wheel. The bike will beep and then try to scan the QR code again.

• If the app is not showing the bike on Map screen then this bike might be temporarily unusable, waiting for our maintenance team to intervene. Your safety is Yulu’s first priority.

• If you tried all the above and still can’t unlock the bike, please help Yulu by creating a ticket using Yulu Support screen on your app.

3.2 My trip does not end after I lock the bike. If you don’t see a trip summary screen after ending a ride, please follow the checklist below:

• Please check that your Mobile Phone is connected to your phone service provider.

• Your Mobile Phone’s Bluetooth is enabled.

• Check that the bike is properly locked.

• Try to relaunch the Yulu App and if you see the Ride screen, please click “End Ride” button.

• Wait for some time and retry the above. If you have tried all the above a few times and still the ride did not end, contact Yulu Support by clicking on the Support Link and reporting the problem.

3.3 Can I reserve a Yulu bike? This feature is currently not available. Yulu is working to bring this feature to you very soon.

4.1 Why do I have to pay a Security Deposit?

A one-time refundable security deposit is required to use Yulu. User can deposit security via Paytm and other payment methods. It ensures the users responsibility while using the bike.

4.2 How do I top up my wallet?

To top-up your wallet, click the Main Menu (Hamburger Menu) in the Yulu app and click “Wallet”. On the wallet screen, you can enter the Top-Up amount and pay via Paytm and other payment methods.

4.3 What happens to the money in my Yulu wallet, if I don’t use Yulu?

Wallet money is non-refundable but don’t worry, your wallet money is yours and will never expire. You can use it anytime.

4.4 How long does the refund take?

Only security deposit is refundable. Once the process is initiated by Yulu, it takes up to 7 working days to process refund.

5.1 How are fares calculated?

Yulu pricing is based on the amount of time you ride the bike.

5.2 How much does it cost to ride Yulu?

When you use Yulu for the first time, Yulu collects a one-time refundable security deposit of ₹500 and a minimum of ₹50 for your Wallet. A single trip costs ₹10 for first 30 minutes and then ₹5 for every subsequent 30 minutes. Billing starts once the bike has been unlocked. The timer resets for every new ride. 

We will be running promotions from time to time. Attractive Monthly Plan is coming soon.

5.3 What happens when my fare exceeds my wallet balance?

If you are in the midst of a ride, it will not affect your current ride. However, you will not be able to begin a new ride and will not have your deposit refunded until you have topped up your wallet to pay the negative balance.

6.1 Where should I park after I complete my ride?

Yulu will have designated Yulu Zones in the areas of their service and Yulu encourages the riders to park the bike at a Yulu Zone; marked in Yulu Blue. In the event that a Yulu Zone is unavailable, Yulu riders can park at any publicly accessible location that does not obstruct the traffic; pedestrians or vehicles. The Bike must be parked at a lawful parking spot, i.e. the Bike cannot be parked on private property or in a locked area or in any other non-public space. The Bike must be parked in a spot that is visible.

Following are some of the parking places to avoid.

• Don’t park inside a Gated Community or a Gated Office building/complex

• Don’t park in an underground parking space

• Don’t part bike in an apartment complex corridor

• Don’t park in a location which obstructs traffic

6.2 Help! I cannot locate a Yulu bike!

Yulu riders can locate the nearest Yulu bike using Yulu app on the Home Screen. If you cannot see any Yulu bike on the map, try to refresh the screen by clicking the Map refresh icon located next to the UNLOCK button. Or look for a Yulu Zone or around you, as the bike location on the app may be affected by environment.

7.1 After locking the bike, how long later does the billing ends?

Your ride ends immediately after you manually lock the bike-lock. You will be shown the ride summary with the cost. In the event, when your phone mobile data service is down you will receive the ride summary once your phone service is available again.

At any point, you can get the details of your ride in the Ride History page of the Yulu App.

If you do not see the ride summary in the ride history page or if you disagree with ride cost, please contact our support team using the Yulu App Support or you can directly send an email to for further assistance.

7.2 Report bad parking If you see any illegal or poorly parked Yulu bike, please send us feedback and you will be rewarded with Yulu Credits (Yulu Karma Points - coming soon). To report, click the Support Icon in the Yulu App, and provide the bike number.

8.1 How do I report a faulty Yulu bike?

If you see a faulty Yulu Bike (flat tire, broken breaks, broken pedal or otherwise) please click on the Support Icon in the Yulu App and report the problem by selecting the Bike from the Subject choice list. Yulu will fix the bike as soon as possible. User safety is Yulu’s highest priority.

8.2 I want to join Yulu Movement .

We are looking for talented, passionate and hardworking individuals to join us! If you share the same passion and values, we welcome you to join our growing team. If you are interested please send your resume to

9.1 What are Yulu Karma Points?

Yulu’s mission is to provide a safe, affordable and green mode of transportation. We encourage good behavior and penalize bad behavior like misuse or damage to the bicycle, not following the rules and regulations etc. Users are awarded with Yulu Karma Points for good behavior and vice-versa.

9.2 How does Yulu Karma Points work?

Yulu is working to make this feature available soon.

If you encounter any issue, kindly report the issue through the App by tapping the Support Icon and provide details about your issue. Support Icon is on the ride page as well as in the App main menu. You can also report an issue directly by sending an email to

Thank You!