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Frequently Asked Questions

Yulu is super simple to use, but just in case you still have some questions :)


Yulu is a Micro Mobility Platform service with a mission to solve first mile, last mile and short distance commute problem in urban cities and doing so in a sustainable manner by providing smart electric MMV (Micro Mobility Vehicles).

Commuting via Yulu not only helps reduce traffic congestion but also controls air pollution, thereby making your city a better place to live in.

Yulu uses MMVs which are custom designed for Indian roads and fitted with a secure lock system. Each vehicle is integrated with a smartphone app which gives you, as a rider, better access, and convenience to take a ride right when you need it.

To ensure convenience and better accessibility, we have created designated Yulu Zones in the cities we serve. A Yulu MMV can be picked up from anywhere in the city but must be dropped at Yulu Zones only. An active ride will not end outside a Yulu Zone.

Yulu is currently present in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar. If you would like a Yulu in your city, please write to us at -

To start using Yulu, simply download the Yulu app on Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices. You can also search “Yulu” in both the App Store and Google Play stores to get the download link.

Please make sure that your phone is enabled to receive OTP via SMS (Native Phone Message). If you are having trouble in receiving the OTP via SMS, click “Resend OTP” on the Yulu app OTP verification page.

In case you have any issues with our service and you contact Yulu Support, then Yulu will use your email to update you on the status of the issue. Your e-mail id is kept confidential and Yulu does not share your information with anyone.

To find a Yulu near you, simply open the Yulu app. You’ll automatically be taken to the map screen, showing all available Yulu MMVs in your area. If you don’t see any vehicle icons displayed on the map, zoom out to search a wider area.

To unlock a Yulu MMV, simply open the Yulu app and tap on the ‘Unlock’ button at the bottom of the screen. From here, either scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or manually enteir the 6-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code.

Yulu can be ridden on streets, in bike lanes, and on bike paths. Please respect all traffic laws and do not ride your Yulu on the sidewalk.

DOs (Your safety is important to us) DON’Ts (Avoid getting into trouble)
Do a pre-ride quality check of a Yulu Don’t park the vehicle in a basement or any unsafe place
Always follow traffic laws Don’t leave the vehicle lock open in Pause mode
Ride safely, Park responsibly at a Yulu Zone only Don’t Pause the vehicle for more than 3 hours
Avoid obstructions on the road and overspeeding Don’t leave the vehicle unattended during the night
In case of any problem, write to us at

Yulu has designated Yulu Zones Yulu displayed on the app and Yulu allows you to park a vehicle at a Yulu Zone only. You cannot end a ride if you are not at a Yulu Zone however, you can use our Pause feature to pause your ride and resume later. For your convenience, please check if there is a Yulu Zone close to your destination before you start your ride.

Check for the nearest Yulu Zone Yulu on the app. Park your vehicle at the Yulu Zone and manually lock the vehicle. Click on the End Button in your app to successfully end your ride.

You can make multiple stops within one ride! Simply hit Pause on the app and select the time till which you want to Pause, finish your work and hit Resume to start riding again. Under Pause, the vehicle is reserved for you and nobody else is allowed to use it.

Yulu Keep: Keep the bike safe with you at home. Maximum Pause charges of Rs.30 for Move and Rs.90 for Miracle between 6:00pm to 10:00am..

Yulu Move Pricing (A single Yulu Move ride costs )

Ride Charges Pause Charges
  • Rs. 10 for the first 30 minutes
  • Rs. 5 for every subsequent 30 minutes
  • Rs. 5 for every 30 minutes
  • Rs. 30 maximum between 6:00pm to 10:00am. KEEP it safe with you at home.

Yulu Miracle Pricing (A single Yulu Miracle ride costs)

Ride Charges Pause Charges
  • Rs. 10 for unlock
  • Rs. 10 for every 10 minutes
  • Rs. 5 for every 30 minutes
  • Rs. 90 maximum between 6:00pm to 10:00am. KEEP it safe with you at home.

Security Deposit required for using Yulu Move is Rs. 100 and for Yulu Miracle is Rs. 500. It is collected to ensure a user takes complete responsibility of the vehicle while using it. Security Deposit is refundable and can be requested in the Wallet section of the app.

How to ask for Security Deposit Refund?
You can request a refund of Security Deposit using the app. On the app, click on the Wallet Balance card to open Top-Up screen. On the Top-Up screen, click on 'Refund' to initiate the refund process. It takes 7-14 working days for the refund process.

You may check your account balance in your profile at any time. The balance in your wallet can only be used to pay for your ride. The balance has no expiration date, is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Visually inspect the body of the vehicle for cracks or other structural damage.
  • Check the brakes and air pressure in tires of the vehicle
  • Check if the chain is tight and not hanging loose in case you are using Yulu Move
  • Check the seat height and stability before taking a ride

We take our riders’ data and privacy very seriously. GPS data is always anonymized before sharing with cities. Additionally, we do not sell rider data to third-party recipients, and a subpoena or other lawful process is required to access rider data in compliance with legal obligations. To find out more, please read our Privacy Statement.

Choose the Miracle icon in the Map screen of the app and you will be shown Yulu Zones and Miracles available nearby.

To enjoy a miraculous ride -

  • Switch on your phone's Bluetooth and click the UNLOCK button.
  • Scan the QR code on Miracle and your phone will get connected to it. The battery and estimated range of the vehicle you chose will be displayed on the pre-ride screen.
  • Click the CONTINUE button and the bike will get unlocked.
  • Enjoy your ride.

Please do a quick safety check of the tyres, seat and brakes. Unmount the bike from the stand and once you are ready, click the START Button. Now the motor is ON and you can control your speed with the accelerator.

You can end your ride only at a Yulu Zone. Stop the Miracle with brakes, and then click the END RIDE button. Upon doing so, the motor gets switched OFF, the vehicle gets locked and the ride is ended.

Stop the Miracle with brakes. Then press the PAUSE button. The motor gets switched off, the vehicle gets locked and the ride is paused. When you are ready to resume the ride, press the RESUME button. Now your Miracle is unlocked. Once you are ready to ride, click the START button and control your speed using the accelerator.

Please write to us at